Imagine with me, for a minute, a flower bud gently, carefully, majestically unfolding into its full beauty.  Just close your eyes for a second and see a beautiful yellow rose, a gorgeous bluish-purple iris, an enormous magnolia blossom slowly, meticulously unwrapping from the inside out revealing its hidden beauty to the world. Now, what if that is how we imagined our own becoming. There’s this pressure to work, work, work. There’s this pressure to do, do, do. There’s this pressure… Read more »

We vacillate between extremes most days, don’t we? I have been dancing like a pendulum swinging in relationships with people. Moving in, moving out- trying to find my place and purpose. I can be all or nothing. Sacrificing, people pleasing, powerless or holding back, guarded, closed– Neither is the right place to be, extremes are never good. We can not attend to relationships, broken people, and our own hearts when we vacillate in the extremes. We open ourselves up, get burned,… Read more »

Just breathe – we say that to each other a lot don’t we? Some days more than others.  A friend of mine has an alert on her phone that prompts her to breathe. It seems silly but we need the reminder because this life can be difficult and we hold our breath often as we wait for resolve.  And resolve can be a long way away so holding our breath can be torturous – we stop living and exist in… Read more »