Got the sweetest gift in the mail this week from my oldest daughter. She ordered from Etsy for me for Christmas and realized after she placed the order that it was coming from Israel and would not make it here in time. Bummer! But of course God knew that! My word for 2017, as I mentioned in my last blog, is “Love” and what a perfect reminder of it daily! That sweet little heart on my wrist. I texted her… Read more »

An honest confession – I love and even like my children but I don’t enjoy my children. That’s hard to admit, makes me feel terrible as a mother. I am a good mother – I care for them, cook for them, meet most of their emotional needs, champion them, teach them, chauffeur them all over town, want the best for them but I don’t usually enjoy them. I have five children – my two oldest are adults and live on… Read more »

I got these cups for my birthday from one of my besties! They make my heart smile. She gets me! God made us quite alike in so many ways and I cannot ever thank Him enough for that. She grounds me! She helps me to feel ok on those days I don’t. She reminds me of who I am and how God made me. She laughs at me when I take myself too serious. She offers a hand when I need… Read more »