My girls and I just finished reading the book Because of Winn-Dixie, if you haven’t read it you should, it’s a worthy read. I read it out loud to them – don’t do that often enough! We started a book/movie club last month…we read a book and then get together with friends who have also read the book and watch the movie together. It is a fun day and great incentive to read!

Read to your kids, every child loves that time spent with mom or dad reading!

In the book, the main character Opal, asks her dad to share 10 things about her mom, who left them when she was young, to help her to know her mom better. She also makes a list of 10 things about her dog, Winn-Dixie, when he is lost, so she can remember him if she doesn’t find him. It’s a sweet read!

After we finished reading we each made a list of 10 things about ourselves and shared them with each other:

This is what they wrote:IMG_1553

Evyn Audrey:

I move in my sleep, I like spaghetti,

I like meeting new people,

I like playing with my stuffed animals,

I like my pets, I like volleyball,

I like to dance, my favorite song is

“Stitches”, my favorite thing about

me is my eyes, I make books.









RyahGrace Anah: I am kind,  I am smart, I love cookie dough, my favorite colors are blue

                                 and purple, I love to paint, I am good at dance, I am good at volleyball, 

                                       I like vacations, I am love thoughtful, I love animals.




Alayna Louise: I am artistic, I have long brown hair, I love to sketch,

I enjoy playing IMG_1407sports (especially

volleyball), I love pizza and

sweet tea, I play piano and guitar, I do not

like lizards, cockroaches and snakes, etc.,

I love dogs, I enjoy going to school, I like

action/comedy movies best.




And me, Melissa Ayn: I love Jesus, I aspire to be a prayer warrior, I adore my children and love having them all around my kitchen table at the same time, I don’t like bugs, my favorite place is anywhere with their daddy (Marc), I want to travel the world, I love helping women love themselves and know Jesus intimately, I like writing, I am kind, I love the smell of the sweet olive trees that fragrant the front steps to my home.


What about you? What are 10 wonderful things about you?