Read this on an Instagram post a few days ago and loved it!

IMG_7689“How cool is it that the same God,

who created mountains

and oceans,

and galaxies,

looked at you

and thought the world needed one of you too?”

I have lived many years hidden under the shadows of “not enough.”  It permeated my every cell and it kept me stuck in friendships that did not value me.

And I bought in – it really wasn’t anyone else’s fault!  

We have been doing it since the Fall in the Garden, blaming others for what we are responsible for. Bad things happen, hurtful things break our hearts, disappointment robs our expectations. Sometimes life sucks!!  It was never your fault, those bad things that happened to you, it wasn’t your fault BUT the damage that has left your heart full of shrapnel, bleeding out, oozing with pain and disappointment – well…that is your responsibility!

Only you can choose to heal your heart!  

It would be so lovely if those who had hurt us would come back and apologize, try to make it right and pay for all the counseling we are going to need because of their careless, maybe even destructive ways, but that doesn’t typically happen –

so it is left up to you –

your heart is your responsibility and your heart is worth it!  

Turn into the stories, IMG_7810 (1)

See the lies,

Embrace the pain,

Invite Jesus,

Show Him your broken heart,

Hear Him speak truth,

Let Him comfort you,

Be empowered to live differently

And remember this..

You bring something unique to this blue green planet that no one else can bring!  You manifest an aspect of God that no one else displays!  You are a specific, fearfully and wonderfully made, miracle!

You matter!

Never let anyone tell you different!!