Had the privilege of facilitating a Growth Challenge seminar this weekend with a handful of amazing people.  As I sat in the back of the room watching people grapple with the regrets of this life, uncover blind spots that have been hidden for a long time, wrestle with the discomfort of leaving their comfort zones, dance with the hope of a new perspective, my cocooneyes blurred with tears to spill.

It’s a beautiful experience to witness someone come alive! To push out of the cocoon they have found safety in and embrace the wonder of the more of this world!

Eyes brighten,

shoulders relax,

face softens,

heart opens,

feet step in!

It is an amazing sight to behold! To see transformation right before your eyes, emerging from the old, restricting cocoon into life anew! FREEDOM is an incredible feeling! 

What a sweet privilege it is to be on the front row of people’s lives!

Lately, I have been struggling with purpose and position…trying to make sense of some of the “whys” in my life but purposing to serve others this weekend and bear witness to the miracles God would perform reminded me of what I love about people.

Authenticity, transparency, vulnerability…these are the loveliest things about mankind.

So thankful for the gifts I received from this group.  Reminded that I must be His most favorite because He shares some of His most favorite treasures with me. I am a better woman having journeyed with this band of beautiful blessings! Thank you for the privilege!