That “like,” that little heart, and four-letter word at the bottom brought tears to my eyes this morning. My oldest lives in Houston, Texas now – blech, fooey, yuck! She wasn’t kikisupposed to jump state and live further than 20 minutes from “home.” She broke the unspoken rules that Louisiana families live by. We stay close! Some days are harder than others. I miss her. I miss her being at birthday parties, I miss her dropping in for coffee, I miss her spending the afternoon with me trying to find the perfect outfit for that next event. She is the friend I miss seeing the most, most days!

When our children are little we wish them bigger. I am not sure about you but I grew weary in the different stages of parenting. As infants you are exhausted and just wish they would sleep already. As toddlers they are so busy and you wish they would sit down and be still- watch a movie, do a puzzle. As young children you wish they would stop asking so many questions and be quiet for two seconds. As teenagers you wish they stop rolling their eyes and start talking to you again – ask some questions!

And then they grow up and you wish they would come and visit and keep you up late, they would invite you into their busy worlds, they would ask for your wisdom and guidance, they would stay close and be forever yours!

Wishing, wishing, wishing!

Don’t miss it friend! They are growing and going! That is God’s divine plan for your family – they grow and go! The great adventure of this life.

So everything is new for her now – new city, new places to explore, new moments to create!

What a great adventure!!

My heart soars with joy and expectation for her as she spreads her wings and creates her life. As much as I miss her and wish she had stayed, I am more excited that she went. Following God’s plan for her life is my only true desire for her! That all my children would be led by His leading, taking His hand and walking this life in obedient following. What a gift that is to a parent – to go where God tells them to go!

1 John 1:6a And this is love: that we walk in obedience to his commands.

I kind of feel all over the place in this blog – a heart torn between 2 desires!

The tug-of-war of wanting it my way and trusting God in His!

So although my heart does a flip flop when I see that “like,” that heart, that 4 letter word “Home” – I am happy this is the place she calls “Home” – it makes me feel connected and not lost to her, but the truth is I wish that eventually she will one day say the same thing wherever she is in on this great big blue-green planet because being homesick is the worst. My prayer for her is that wherever she puts roots and settles into, that eventually her heart will rest and call that lovely place “Home” and the yearn for any other place will fade into the background.

So yes, I miss her, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Interstate 10 between Lafayette, Louisiana and Houston, Texas has one more commuter – my frequent driver miles will be be adding up, especially once babies are born, which I can’t wait for – but that’s a whole other blog!

Words of wisdom to end on – Let them go! It’s God’s way, His divine plan!

Enjoy them while you have them and help them to find their way so they can leave!  

(And then go visit often!)