It’s been a minute since I have been in this space to share my heart, I’m sorry for the delay. I do love to write but life gets in the way and other things take my attention and time. I get lost in my own to-do’s, my head spinning with unfinished lists, laundry piles, what’s for dinner decisions and appointments on my calendar.

A wise friend, years ago, told me when I was complaining about this very same thing – “At the end of the day we do what we want to do.” We do have a choice where we spend our time and what we do with it. It’s true – we make a million choices everyday on how we spend and waste our time. Every Instagram check is a couple of minutes, every Netflix binge is hours lost. And sometimes it is worth it – we need to check and binge – we need the escape from the lists and decisions to do nothing and just scroll but we must manage it. Because if we are not managing – it is taking over. Living life mindlessly is not living!

What about you? What do you put off?

What gets lost in your busyness?

What are you not doing that is important to you?

Living mindful is key. Choosing to pay attention and live checked into your own life is so important. How long have you been checked out? Do you remember when you checked out? What caused you to check out? Don’t let the shame gremlins crawl on you – that is never fruitful, but awareness is key. Awareness is 80% of the changes we want to make. Think about that – 80%!! That’s huge! Once we can see ourselves and own the truth, there’s only 20% of effort left to step into a new way of being.

What has captured your attention?

What has taken over your life?

What is more important than the people you live with?

What keeps you from saying “yes” for yourself?

Probing, self-evaluating, sometimes, hard questions can help us to find our way back to ourselves. Open your eyes and heart to the truth about your choices and then 20% is easy baby!

What I know, thanks to my faithful and challenging friend so many years ago – at the end of each day I do do what I want to do! If it’s important to me – I make time for it! And I choose what hijacks my day, steals my time, and holds my heart. Eyes wide open! God gave us 12 hours in a day (and for those getting the worm early birds or those night owls out there, a few more hours each day) because He knew that was enough time to accomplish what He had planned for us in a day’s time. There is enough time if it’s important to you!