A friend of mine shared a story with me about her itchy eye. It has been really irritated for years now and she has learned to live with it. A nurse recently advised her to get some histamine drops to help. She has had that thought in the past but decided against it because her body is very sensitive and wasn’t sure how it would react to the histamine. After trying other remedies, to no avail, she turned to the bottle… Read more »

Offense…we candy coat don’t we? I do!  I call it bitterness, I blame it on others, I push it away and cover it up with half-hearted forgiveness. I know people who are offended constantly, they live in this place and quite honestly it aggravates me. And then the light turns in…ouch! He is so faithful to shine a light on the dark places in my heart, no matter how small.  Every speck He wants removed. And so I decided to… Read more »

Had the privilege of facilitating a Growth Challenge seminar this weekend with a handful of amazing people.  As I sat in the back of the room watching people grapple with the regrets of this life, uncover blind spots that have been hidden for a long time, wrestle with the discomfort of leaving their comfort zones, dance with the hope of a new perspective, my eyes blurred with tears to spill. It’s a beautiful experience to witness someone come alive! To… Read more »